Category: Needs Examples

  • core/nextpage

    Separate your content into a multi-page experience.

  • core/missing

    Your site doesn’t include support for this block.

  • core/group

    Gather blocks in a layout container. First Group Turpis cursus in hac habitasse platea dictumst. Platea dictumst quisque sagittis purus sit amet volutpat consequat. Faucibus a pellentesque sit amet porttitor eget dolor morbi non. In nibh mauris cursus mattis molestie a iaculis at. Orci sagittis eu volutpat odio facilisis mauris sit amet massa. Faucibus a…

  • core/freeform

    Use the classic WordPress editor. This block only renders content from the classic editor, so there are no issues about this specific to the block editor.

  • core/embed

    Add a block that displays content pulled from other sites, like Twitter or YouTube.

  • core/comments-query-loop

    An advanced block that allows displaying post comments using different visual configurations. Comments block with title & count Comments Block without post title Comments block without count

  • core/columns

    Instructions: Display content in multiple columns, with blocks added to each column. One column with a link to Go to Go to Go to Go to Go to

  • core/column

    A single column within a columns block.

  • core/buttons

    Prompt visitors to take action with a group of button-style links. Block example #1 Block example #2 (2 buttons, 1 no link) Block example #3 (2 buttons) 1 no link, vertical orientation Code Structure

  • core/button

    Prompt visitors to take action with a button-style link. All comments for core/button are in core/buttons