1. Add your username ( if you have one) in the ‘Contributor’ column in the tracking spreadsheet for a block.
  2. Edit the post for that block.
    • Create an example for each major variation of a block. A major variation is any variation where the output user interface or HTML is different.
    • Add a code block that holds the output HTML for that version of the block and remove the ‘Needs Examples’ category.
    • If comfortable with testing, perform accessibility testing on that content and remove the ‘Needs Testing’ category. If not, check the ‘Needs testing’ checkbox in the tracking spreadsheet.
    • Add either the ‘Meets standards’ or ‘Needs work’ depending on test results.
  3. Add comments about the block to the tracking spreadsheet.

The posts in this site were auto-generated, so they do include some blocks that are nothing but containers for other blocks, like core/widget-container. These can simply be documented as a container; there probably won’t be any significant issues to record.

There may also be blocks missing, since there are some complications with generating lists of blocks from PHP. If you note something missing, feel free to add it!

Check Progress

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